updated gdr cfl stamp series

Contrary to popular belief, the state-planned socialist economy of communist Eastern Germany is not dead; instead, the EU in Brussels is issuing electric policies and spreading propaganda lies that are strangely reminiscent of the days of Nicolaie Ceausescu and Enver Hodcha.

No wonder that the old East German stamps just got an upgrade!

europaeische giftpilze ddr gdr cfl
Beautiful european mercury poison mushroom of the novel compact fluorescent kind. Experts may recognize the bulb design, it’s “made in Eastern Germany.”

55 jahre ddr gdr cfl
Here, ever optimistic East German youths are shown celebrating 55 years of Socialist East Germany just a few years ago – and the proud new sign of centralist European planning and energy micromanagement bureaucracy: the compact fluorescent bulb!

andris piebalgs ddr sed parteitag communist party convention cfl brigadier
Last, but not least, catch a glimpse of the beauty of Communist single party rule that inspired the well known con(servation) artist Andris Piebalgs, better known as the EU’s Energy Commissioner, to paint such a heroic eurocratic light bulb change brigadier…


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6 Responses to “updated gdr cfl stamp series”

  1. beranger Says:

    Nicolae Ceauşescu and Enver Hodja? Nein, it’s Иосиф Виссарионович Сталин!

  2. theparisapartment Says:

    Oh my God, this is so frightening!
    Please come by my blog where I’ve been researching the CFL bulbs.
    (Stopping at the Green Light)
    We need a World Boycott!

    • otitismediamc Says:

      Yes, I agree, and the manipulation of graphics isn’t nearly as frightening as all the political one associated with bulb bans and pro-cfl propaganda!

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