EU incandescent bulb search squad

Brand new, this leaflet was dropped by aircraft in order to warn the inhabitants of Gibraltar of imminent search & destroy operations by the EU’s special incandescent bulb search squad!

EU light bulb search squad


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3 Responses to “EU incandescent bulb search squad”

  1. peter in dublin Says:

    unfortunately that may not be far from the truth…
    I believe there’s something like 5000 euro fine or 6 month jail sentance for a “first offence” in selling or distributing light bulbs
    (eg giving a friend one of your lightbulbs)

    The politics behind the ban is strange enough in itself:

  2. peter in dublin Says:

    ps saw your entry and amusing picture link on piebalgs blog
    where he defends his light bulb ban:

    all of has since been deleted on the ec’s server;

    It’s not good to accept it all in silence!
    Well done.

  3. theparisapartment Says:

    We Cannot remain silent!!
    The EPA says these will cause contamination to our water supply if not disposed of properly. We recycle around 1% here in the US.
    By the time we get the world on board to build special Toxic Waste recycling plants it may be too late. Many argue that the mercury in nominal. But added up in the hundreds of millions of bulbs already sold, it’s enormous!

    This is an urgent global issue. Thank your writing about it.


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